Marriage is a precious and an awaited moment in somebody’s life. It marks the day when you find your soulmate, the person you always wanted to be with. This day, everybody in the house holds mixed feelings- those of being parted away, feelings of a new beginning and feelings of stepping...more
into an entirely new world.

On an individual level, a wedding is a special occasion that might not come ever again in life and so, we want your wedding day to not be like any other ordinary day. Converging towards wedding arrangements, one word – stress, lots of it. You simply live sleepless nights thinking about invitations, wedding ceremonies, guests and all other arrangements fearing you’d miss something out. At Fleur D’sign,a bridal and event studio, we eliminate one huge matter of concern by taking full responsibility of it – the bride’s appearance.

About Us:

Fleur D’sign is a boutique that specializes in bridal gowns and floral patterns for wedding couples. While the wedding stress lingers around, we manage to stand as a relaxing, one stop destination for wedding couples hunting for wedding gowns and decoration.

We never go out of style:

We are a bridal studio Singapore taking all efforts to bring warm smiles on the faces of our wonderful and beautiful brides. We use fabric that is rare to find to design wedding gowns that you have never seen and probably never will except that one piece which is entirely yours. Our wedding gowns exhibit soft tulle, intricate designs, decent sparkle and glamor with a delicate but worth falling for lace. We walk with the trend and many a times, become a trend wherein we provide luxurious gowns at absolutely affordable prices.

Versatility is our specialty:

No matter what you thought of before and no matter how different your choice is, we keep everything in store for you. Our bridal shop Singapore is home to all varieties and styles of wedding gowns. Be it a classy and elegant wedding gown that beautifies your personality or a sophisticated,sexygown that flaunts your curves, we have it all. You could even get a quirky and dreamy ball gown that makes you the centre of attraction on the dance floor. Your wedding day is precious to us, just the way it is to you and our team works for it like it is theirs.

A satisfactory history:

Fleur D’sign has been providing sophisticated and quality wedding gowns to brides since 30 years. All this is a result of patience, efforts, honesty and our cost effective strategy. We understand that weddings cost you much more than you imagine them to be. Thus, our affordable bridal studio Singapore provides you gowns that you select with all your consent and not according to its price tag. With a good hands– on experience of over 30 years in designing bridal gowns and bridal make up, we have transformed ourselves into one among the best bridal studio Singapore.

Best wishes coming from our make up artists:

With the special fabric used in wedding gowns, comes some love and warmth we shower our bride with. We hold a team of very talented designers and affordable bridal makeup artist Singapore that shall represent you as the most beautiful bride of all times. We have an honest approach towards everything we do and when it comes to expenses, you can trust us, for we religiously follow the notion of transparency, that is, no hidden cost policy...