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One Stop Bridal Boutique

Fleur D’sign is Singapore’s premiere bridal boutique. A one stop shop for all your bridal needs.

We cater to couples looking for a full suite experience that offers bridal services, wedding styling, wedding event decor, and also professional wedding photography.

We’re also wedding designers, bridal stylists, and florists that work to ensure you have the perfect wedding. From your choice of a wedding gown that matches your style and shape, to decor and flowers that beautifully complement your wedding theme.

We offer a variety of luxury wedding gowns, and all at an affordable price point. All services are provided ‘in house’ for a seamless and stylish experience that will leave you delighted, and smiling from ear to ear.

Who We Are

Our team at Fleur D’sign Wedding Boutique in Singapore have more than 30 years of experience in the bridal industry. Founded over 20 years ago on family values and a commitment to our bridal customers, Fleur D’sign supplied and provided wedding gowns, evening gowns for rental or purchases, bridal styling and wedding photography before expanding to today also offer wedding flowers and wedding design decor.


At heart of the Fleur D’sign Bridal & Wedding Decor, just like the wedding itself:.


Our Mission: Transforming dreams into reality

Our word is our bond. We never push you out to other planners, and we work hard to ensure your wedding is a success. Our wedding designer, bridal stylist, and floral designer work extensively to ensure all the services needed are provided for your event.

Our professional experience in this field enables us to tackle challenges we incur effortlessly, and execute your events seamlessly.

Our Vision:

Vision 1: One Stop Bridal Services with Outstanding Quality with Affordable Price

To include and provide more wedding related services so couples are able to enjoy their wedding planning process. As a full service boutique we offer affordable rates to make the wedding preparation process more enjoyable for all couples.

Vision 2: Success

To supplies and provide wedding flowers and wedding design decor styling. We provide solemnization decoration, church decoration and theming designing as well as bespoke bridal flowers.

The great part of our services is that we deliver everything personalized and designed with only you in mind. All tailored to your individual taste and budget. Your wedding’s final look will often a unique reflection of who you are, what you desire, and what your style is.


Vision 3: Perfection

We operate with perfection in every aspect, we cherish beauty and style within the fashion industry, and we guard zealously our brand name and reputation with a commitment to providing excellence every time.

Versatility & Specializing

Our wedding designer and stylists aim is to bring couple’s vision of their big day to life. From wedding gowns to a conceptualized wedding theme, whole wedding concepts, colouring, event design, styling and wedding flowers as well as wedding decor – we do everything to ensure that everything reflects you and your partner’s love on your wedding day.

Our team

Our team of knowledgeable professionals provide our full suite wedding services so brides can enjoy an elegant and fuss-free experience with us. Behind the scenes, the most memorable weddings always come together when talented professionals seamlessly together. Our team is made of friendly coordinators that have been trained hands-on in every aspect, to work with and who can make even the grandest ideas come to life.

We don’t maintain a mammoth team, but a small and effective team of brilliant minds and professionals. Every single member of our team plays a vital role and aspires to bring warm smiles to every client’s face. Our team is made up of a professional photographer, a designer, and bridal stylists. Get in touch with us, we would love to make your wedding dream a reality.


We never go out of style:

We’re a bridal studio in Singapore that goes to every efforts to bring a warm smile to the face of all our wonderful and beautiful brides. We use fabric that is rare to find to design wedding gowns. Our wedding gowns exhibit soft tulle, intricate designs, great sparkle and glamor, with a delicate but genteel falling for lace. We are contemporary and cutting edge, and we set trends; provide luxurious gowns at absolutely affordable prices.


We offer a wide range of gowns at a variety of different prices to meet your budget. We pride ourselves on our transparency in our prices, with our no hidden cost policy, and honest advice. We take pride in providing personalised top-notch service at an affordable price.

Whether clients are looking for customized bridal wedding package and gowns, specially crafted bridal bouquet, or even to the personalized themed venue wedding. We can do it, and deliver it at a great price!


Preparation Journey

At Fleur D’sign, we strive to make each experience an unforgettable one bringing each and every bride joy in their heart throughout the encounter.

Every experience is entirely personalized to reflect the taste and style of the bride. Weddings aren’t just about the final outcome, but really about enjoying the entire processes experienced throughout a perfect day.

We want to make each and every couple feel like they are on the journey with us. We enjoy getting to know our clients deep in heart to enable us get a deeper understanding of their taste and what they want to create a meaningful and truly personalized celebration


Take a break, let the professionals handle it!

Relex, be at ease, it’s your big day – that’s why we entirely exist!
To ensure you experience an unforgettable wedding. We will help you plan and perfectly execute your plan based on your request. Every wedding we cover is personalized to match your taste, that’s why we take our time to get every intricate detail and match it with a perfect accompaniment.

No matter what your taste is, no matter how sophisticated or rare, we’ve got you covered!

Make it happen

A great wedding is not only about having the best package but also about the entire experience throughout the wedding preparation journey. We make it enjoyable and interesting to prepare weddings. This is to avoid couples stressing out on tiny details – we take care of it for them.

We offer personalized services, and attention to detail. Let’s make it happen for you today! We can do it with just a couple of experts, some inspiration, flowers, a dress and deliver you a whole lot of fun!


Our Weddings are a Combo of Beauty and Orchestration.

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