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You have the right dress, now how do exude that classy elegance to go with the dress of your dreams. Making a grand entrance, especially the first march-in, can be a nerve-wrecking experience for most. With your bae by your side, everything from head to toe, needs to be on point.

It is crucial to have the full package to carry your dream dress for the grand entrance. The right hair-do, make-up, and accessories will help complete the look, down to a tee. The last thing you want is to have a mismatch which will ruin even the most top of range gown that you have selected for your big day. We now take a look at some princess and celebs who have hit the nail on the head by combining their natural beauty and poise to perfecting that glowing beautiful look on the biggest day of their lives. Remember to take some lessons from them.

PSST, we’ll be here for you and guide you along to achieve that fairytale dream wedding. So fret not!

Kate Middleton

The veil, long sleeves, long train, lace detailing and V-neck were so iconic, it was a look that was replicated and highly sought after all over the world! The devil is in the details. It may look like a simple dress, but a lot of effort is being placed in a simple looking dress. Up till today, they are still very much in style!


To complete the sweet, royal inspired duchess look, it is important to bring out the best features on your face. After all, you are the star of the day and it is crucial you steal the show.

TIPS: Contour & Highlight

Let the resident make-up expert Cass address your make-up woes.


Asians generally have a flatter features than our Caucasian counterparts. This create an appearance of a fatter face on photographs. Fret not because this is where you should learn the magic of contouring to give an impression of slimmer looking face. No need for surgeries! Apply the contouring product starting from the hollow of the cheekbones up to the temples area. Add darker shade on the outer most part of the face to create an illusion of smaller face.

After contouring, highlight can help emphasize the areas of the face that catch the light. It complements the action of contouring to create a more sculptured looking face.

Jaw: Who doesn’t want v-shaped face and chiseled jaws like Kate Middleton who is naturally blessed with good strong jawlines. However, not everyone is made the same and we have to embrace what our mothers have given us and be proud of it. What can be achieved with make-up tricks is to apply products to the side of the jaws along the jawline to accentuate the features and using highlight technique to bring out the best features on the face by applying different shades and then blend away…

Pippa Middleton

High society weddings are always inspirational to many bride-to- be. We can learn a thing or two from Pippa Middleton who really know how to accentuate her figure with this spectacular lace-bodice, high- necked number. The cap sleeves, intricate lace detailing makes this piece really classic and exquisite. The beautiful Pippa Middleton opted for this flattering cutting that shows off her toned arms and brings out her glowing skin kissed skin.


Accessorize it right!

To complete this classic elegant look, accessories need to be simple kept to the minimal. Simple but classy. Say no to over-the- top sparkling jewelry that will compete for attention with the beautiful dress. Keeping things simple, like pearls earrings will help complete this look. There is no need for a necklace with this neckline.


Let the resident consultant Chris address your questions on picking out the right dress for your body type.

A-line wedding gown are making a comeback, blending modern sophistication with classic elegance. This style is roomy enough for the Bride to move around easily. On top of that, this cutting is extremely flattering for most body types and versatile to match most wedding themes. Perfect for brides who love to eat and have fun on your wedding day. The A-line works great to conceal curvy brides with a slightly larger hip but small waist. It does an amazing job at hiding those hips, and helps to even out the body proportion. Try out this style at our studio and see for yourself. Because seeing is believing.

Hannah Quinlivan

Venue was set in a gothic-themed church for the grand entrance of the stunning couple’s fairy tale themed wedding. Very apt indeed! With such a beautiful backdrop, the dress has to be a stunning, crowd-stopping work of art.

Hannah walked down the aisle in a custom-made princess ballgown with intricate lace details and of course, the iconic heart-shaped cut-out back. The choice of gown worked like magic against this beautiful backdrop with the long cathedral wedding train down the aisle in the church. Visually stunning indeed!

Image courtesy of Jay Chou’s Facebook Page

Expert Tips:

Thematic & Gown Selection

Do not underestimate this very crucial point. Have an idea of how you would like your wedding to be. Be inspired and learn from other bride’s experience before gown selection. It is important to know the venue before picking out the gown. The last thing you want, is a mismatch in the theme – Say wearing a big grand ballgown in a café or to a beach wedding. It doesn’t work that way! >_<

Make the gown work for you. If you have no concept of what works, do consult the professionals who have witnessed and attended many weddings to advice and share with you on what type will be suitable for what theme. Tap on their experience and expertise and that will save you a lot of inconvenience & time to zoom in to the collection that will work for your wedding theme.

Also, not all gown are suitable for all body types. Pippa Middleton may look stunning in a cap sleeve but don’t rush into TAOBAO to buy the gown off the rack. Impulsive purchases on web, especially without an expert to advice, will lead to wastages and trouble. We have met couples who asked for SOS 2 weeks before their wedding as the dream dress they saw on TAOBAO, did not meet their expectation and it was too close to their wedding. As a result, the bride was frantically looking for a new gown. This is not worth risking especially if you are new to TAOBAO and altering it may be a nightmare since these gown are not necessarily made with you in mind.

Learn from other’s experience and leave your wedding arrangements to the professionals. It’s your biggest day and it is always good to look for trustworthy service partners that can alleviate you from unnecessary worries. Your wedding matters. It does and it matters to us at Fleur D’sign.

Last but not least, smile, wave and enjoy your big day! 🙂

D’luxe collection

This line features exquisite designs with beautiful train design and lace work that will turn you to a modern day princess. Contact our consultants through our FACEBOOK or call us at 81800964/ 91698188


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On an individual level, a wedding is a special occasion that might not come ever again in life and so, we want your wedding day to not be like any other ordinary day. Converging towards wedding arrangements, one word – stress, lots of it. You simply live sleepless nights thinking about invitations, wedding ceremonies, guests and all other arrangements fearing you’d miss something out. At Fleur D’sign,a bridal and event studio, we eliminate one huge matter of concern by taking full responsibility of it – the bride’s appearance.

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