Wedding Design & Deco

To design and decorate a beautiful event begins with determining the feeling you want to convey to your guests and is about designing a personal look, custom created with details that reflect your distinctive style.

Share with us your story, Let us do the rest! The ambience that you wish to convey will be provided through beautiful floral artistry, lighting effects and personalized details. We will address every element of your event to create not just a stylish event but a unforgettable experience. Event design is also architecture, it’s deco, it’s fashionable whether couture, modern, classic, vintage, minimalist. It is about what you want to do and what you want your guest to feel, so don’t be shy with your ideas!

Wedding decorations are more than your standard table centre pieces and flowers – they should be the theme that flows throughout your entire wedding. It should start with your invitations and carry through the smallest details at your tablescapes. But keep in mind the event deco is not just about flowers, it is about creating an atmosphere. We are here to advise on layouts, specialty linens, furniture and props that will give your party a ambiance and character.

From large scaleInstallations to prop fabrication. Ambient decor is an important element to the event experience that we can lead from vision to full fruition. The result will be a unique but cohesive look that you’ve been dreaming of.

For an appointment to discuss with our stylist, please email us at look forward to hearing from you and would love to make your wedding event unforgettable.